rPi Local server wont show that devices are online

I am using blynk for at least 2-3 months and I am very happy with it but there was always a problem with the devices and their status. When I used the public blynk servers from time to time the devices was going offline for a second and then they came back up, sometimes this was ones per day or per 2 days but the last week was at least 4 times per day. So I got a raspberry pi and installed a local blynk server. It works (and that’s the funny part) it works very good. all the widgets work, buttons are functioning, leds are working, but in the device menu all my devices are in the state of " Wasn’t online yet ". When I first installed the devices it worked and it showed the status of the device, when I restarted it the “Wasn’t online yet” status came back. Remember the button works everything works but the device status indicator isn’t. Is it a bug? or do I have to do anything in the dashboard ? Forgot to say that the devices are NodeMCU ESP8266 and the server is running on a Raspberry pi 3 model B+
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

well I think that I am an idiot :joy: I restarted the server and its all fine now (if its possible admins delete the post? I don’t know how…)

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@Smackflad your description seems like a bug to me. What app version and server version do you have?

That’s normal for the internet. There dozens of routers between you and Blynk Cloud. It is totally fine that connection breaks periodically. And you can’t predict how often it will happen as there are too many variables. While in home conditions you have only hadrware - router link. That is very unlikely to brake.

In the server I have : server-0.39.0-java8
and app version 2.26.7
the bug is that I had to restart the server to work correctly or something else?

Yes. This seems very strange.