RPi Local server app won't connect to server

I setup the local server on my Rpi2 …
" Blynk server 0.23.0 successfully started"
I go to Blynk app => Server setting =>custom and writ server
RPi ip and port 9443 .
And write admin email and password …
but app don’t connect to RPi local server…

Hello, assuming that you’re connected with your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network as your local server, I’d start by checking if the ip address of your Raspberry pi 2 is really with the command ifconfig -a , look for the wlan0 interface IP.
Then verify if you can access the administration page from your phone: https://LocalServerIP:9443/Admin with the credentials you entered in the app.

This user didn’t create an account first… the admin account is not for active project use.