RPi Cam Web Interface and Blynk

Hello, I have a question about RPi Cam Web Interface.
I follow the instructions of Sparkfun for Setting Up the Pi Zero Wireless Pan-Tilt Camera, in there they talk about the RPi cam, in fact it creates an ip address, and it sees like this

What I want to know is if this ip address can be using in the Blynk app in the section video streaming, and why I need a virtual pin (or how I can configure in Raspberry pi?)

About 2 years ago I used the Blynk with my Particle and I loved it, but now I’m new using the Raspberry pi (I have raspberry pi zero w, but I read I can use the option Raspberry pi 3 and it can works).

Thank you

The vPin is for “remotely” changing the URL in the widget… e.g. from your sketch… Introduction - Blynk Documentation

The RPi needs to send a proper video stream of some sort… and that is the URL you can use, it can NOT use an IP leading to a web page for control.

For Blynk control you would need Blynk code on the RPi (aka NodeJS perhaps) and then find a way to control the pan & tilt with that. I have done something along that lines here… just haven’t gotten around to the video part :stuck_out_tongue:

The vPin is for “remotely” changing the URL in the widget… e.g. from your sketch…


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Thank you so much for the answer, I will try to work on… NodeJS.
:smiley: In the past I only have worked with Arduino, Particle Photon and SparkFun Blynk Board (I mean, I’ve only used IDE), so this is so new for me.
:thinking: I find it difficult to handle the fact that it is an operating system, but I can also program to use the pins, etc.