Roles and permissions in Blynk 2.0

We have bought a PRO plan because we want to share devices with our (testing) clients. I have created a device, built the app, and transferred the device to a sub-organization (our testing client). I still want to edit the app for this device (or set of devices), but now, when I switch organization in the app, I see a device, but can’t edit the app (the wrench icon is missing)…
Do I need to change some Roles and permissions? I’ve tried to change some admin roles with our main email (admin role) but I get the error: “You can’t set higher permissions than your current role”. Is there any other higher role than admin?
I use the iOS version of the app.

Hi, you probably need to return the parent organization on your mobile device so you will have access to editing the template. Customers in the sub-organization will receive the update. has worked for me.

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That’s correct. You need to switch to your organization, go to template, and edit it there.

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Ok, I have found it now. I’ve changed a template name once before and in the app in Developer Mode, it’s still the first name of that template. How about the roles? Because in the web dashboard I don’t have all the permissions set ON as admin, and if I want to switch them on I am not allowed.

That’s correct. Selected permission under the admin is the maximum permissions you can get. They can be changed only via a super organization (Blynk) administrator. I agree UI is not obvious here. We’ll improve it somehow.

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Thank you for the clarification. You can just hide it or gray it out maybe.

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Agree. We’ll create a ticket.

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Anything changed?
All of a sudden I cannot change the graphs time axes, saying ‘You don’t have permission…’
What changed? Did a “user” changed something?
What went wrong?

Where? On mobile? Web? App version? Are you Free user or not?

Link to this post Issues and Errors - Blynk Community
On Mobile
I am a PLUS
App version 1.3.0

Hello sir
Can you please send here the screenshots so easy to understand next month I am going to buy the pro plan thanks

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