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So I created a sub organization, and added a user (different account controlled by me for testing). I see this account listed as a user. When I go the the settings tab while switched to this sub-organization I do not see anyone assigned as an admin, yet when I go to the user profile it shows me as the admin. It does show me listed as admin under the main organization.

I am also not able to turn on the “suspend account” feature on any of my organizations. I see the feature listed, but when I try to edit the roles and permissions this feature is light grey, and will not allow me to select it. In fact, I cannot edit any of the roles and permissions for admin. I can edit the roles and permissions (including the suspend account feature) for the staff and users.

I am logged into this main account on 2 different computers, could this be the issue? I am not able to access the second computer until later tonight to check if this is the issue.

I’m a bit confused by what you’ve described, so let me explain how I think it should work…

User 1
Owner of the top level organisation and has the role of Admin.

Sub organisation
Lets say we call this “Family Shared Access”

User 2
Invited to become a member of Family Shared Access with the role of Staff or User

User 1 will need to review/edit the permissions for roles Staff or User (depending on what role was used for User 2) to ensure that users in these roles can view devices in the dashboard and app, otherwise they may not be able to do anything.

When User 2 logs in they should have the restricted admin rights that are appropriate for their role. I think that User 1 should then be able to suspend the account t of User 2.

Does this help?


Understood. The issue I am having is this:

In sub organization (called House) , User 1 (main account) is not listed as the admin in the sub organization. If I switch to the sub organization (Search, my organizations, switch to), go to settings (gear icon), and then to roles and permissions; there is 0 users for admin, and 2 user for user (my test account, and my wife). Also, as user 1, when I click edit (under roles and permission) I cannot edit any of the admin settings in any of the organizations (sub or otherwise), all of the tabs or of a lighter color and will not allow me to change them.

What roles are assigned to your wife and your test user?


They are assigned as users.

Also, as mentioned I am signed into this account on 2 devices. This may be the issue, If you are not seeing the same issue on your account. I will try logging out of one once I get home later tonight, and see if I am still having this problem.

Well, your primary user isn’t a member of the sub organisation, but has admin rights because they are an admin for the top level organisation . Also, you’ve not given users permission to view users.

If you mean that you can’t edit the permissions for the Admin role that are “greyed-out” then this is normal.


correct. They do not need to see other users.

I cannot edit ANY of the settings under admin. As seen in my picture above all of the colors are lighter, and not accessible. I want to add the suspend user feature to the admin (for both organizations).

But you seem concerned that they can’t see the Admin user.
Maybe I’m not understanding the issue correctly, but if that’s the case then I think you need to explain it in more detail, and state which user you’re logged-in as when you’re taking each of the screenshots.


Sorry for the confusion. Screenshots are taken while logged in on main account (user 1 in your example).

I was concerned that the dashboard shows a 0 for ADMIN, as I was under the impression that as the creator of the sub-organization I (user 1) was the admin. It does show a 1 for admin under the main organization.

My main issue though is that I am unable to edit any of the permissions for admin (when logged in as user 1, main account), for any of my organizations (main and sub). This could be an issue caused by being logged into main account on 2 devices (laptop, and home PC). As I will not be home until later today, I cannot check if this is the cause of my inability to change the permissions.

I don’t think this has anything to do with being logged-in twice.


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This is newly added permission. All newly added permissions are disabled by default. Only superadmin (me) can enable this permission. And I just enabled it, so you can test it now.

The reason why you can’t edit the Admin role permissions is that some of the permissions open features we don’t want yet to be delivered to the end-users (like analytics, static tokens), etc. All these features are under development and testing.

On later stages, you’re as an admin will be able to edit sub org admin permissions. Or maybe we’ll need to introduce separate role like the owner. We’ll see.

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