Roadmap for Blynk

Dear Blynkers, you are asking us “what’s next?” or “Would you implement X feature?” We’ve decided to share our roadmap. It’s high-level, but gives a feel of where are we moving.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy support
  • Customization engine
  • Wi-Fi module for ESP8266

After this is done, we will move to next phase.
You can define what can be here. Think twice, you have only 3 votes :wink:

  • Hardware state handling (e.g. when Arduino pin state changes - Blynk app updates the Button Widget)
  • Hardware online/offline state improvements (better indication of “is hardware online?”, “is hardware offline?”)
  • Project space increase
  • Direct Connect support (for WiFi)
  • RTC widget
  • Design options for widgets (size, button with icons, etc)
  • Phone sensors widgets (GPS, accelerometer)
  • IP camera support
  • Customizable look and feel of the project
  • Home screen widget (to avoid opening App when you need only 1 button click)
  • Haptic feedback (vibration) when touching widgets

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You can also vote for widgets here: Vote for the next widget


Hello. Can I restore some properties (variable states) with last state on server on reconnect arduino.

Hello, no. This is feature is called “Hardware state handling”. Vote for it and it will be implemented.

I’ve already done it, but because of an another reason. Then I vote twice for it! Thank you for this project. It’s great!

suggestion: swipe between projects (even if it is just on title bar, although ios has so it does not clash with your widgets )

Hi. It seems you have defined the “homescreen widget” as an oneclick button. I dont think you should limit yourself with that. A history graph or other informative widgets would be nice. I know its more work, but aim high :wink:

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Hi Pavel, when do you intend to release a library to PIC Microncontrollers?


We don’t have plans for it currently due to a low numbers of requests so far. @vshymanskyy - could you please confirm.


I’m using an arduino Nano with esp8266. I can see that all the comunication between them is through AT commands. I think I could hack this and create a lib to use my PIC microcontroller, but I think it isn’t cool. So, could you help us to do that? I need to know what commands to use to connect, send and receive data and how to format data.

@vshymanskyy could help us.

Thank you very much.

@anlpereira, we have an example for ChipKIT UNO, so the library works just well on PICs:

Thank you @vshymanskyy, But at the moment I’m using arduino. It is working good with ESP8266. I only have some problems with my connection some times.

Isn’t “Design options for widgets (size, button with icons, etc)” a sub-set of “Customizable look and feel of the project”? I voted for the latter, but would ideally like the former to be part of the customizability…