RGB Led strip with Raspberry pi 2 virtual pwm support


i have a 12V RGB Led strip and wan’t to control all colors… But the Raspberry pi has only one pwm gpio (18)… How can I connect every color with virtual pwm?

Thank you!:slight_smile:

The question is way too generic… Could you be more specific?
What do you mean virtual PWM? I suppose you mean Software PWM… in this case you’ll have to connect an appropriate library for such things.

Yeah, I mean Software PWM :smile: do you know a good Python library?:slight_smile:

@vshymanskyy can you help me please?:slight_smile:

  1. Try using our JS library. it’s MUCH easier to use on Raspberry Pi…
  2. You can use pi-blaster frome node.js to get as many PWM channels as you like

hope that helps…