Reuse wifi connection - HTTP client (SOLVED)


I started using Blynk on an Arduino MEGA and ESP8266 on the HW serial, it works well.

However, I am not really sure how to make HTTP queries through the existing WiFi connection?

Do I have to create another connection? Can’t I just reuse the connection already established by Blink?

Basically all I need to do (among other Blynk stuff) is to read a value from a REST API.

Thank you.

Sorry, with this connection type it’s not possible at the moment…
But you could use esp8266 standalone, and it should work!

Thank you for your swift reply.

I’m not really sure I understand, when you say ESP standalone, you mean getting rid of the arduino? Or do you mean I can create an ESP wifi object to make another connection and use it normally? Wouldn’t that disrupt the existing Blynk connection?

I do need the arduino to control other hardware on my project and can’t do it with the ESP8266 just by itself.


ESP standalone is an ESP with no other hardware.

ESP’s have come a long way since the ESP01 and a good one can do far more than an Arduino. Perhaps not as many pins as a Mega but loads more memory and MUCH easier in standalone mode.

Plus they are so much cheaper than Arduinos.

Thank you all for your help. :slight_smile:

I confirm, this method works. Using just the ESP8266 standalone (no arduino or other hardware) as the only MCU.

To do this, you need to replace the AT firmware on the ESP with the ESP arduino firmware

You can then create a new connection with this object from the ESP8266 lib WiFiClient client;