Restore project from Face

Hey everyone,
No luck searching, so hear I am. For perhaps over a year I have been tweaking my main project. Some time ago, when experimenting i managed create a clone, which I believe to be called a Blynk Face?, and have been modifying it, not realizing it to be honest. I managed to delete my original project while housekeeping.
Before I rebuild the entire app, i’m wondering if I can get my Cloned version to operate like my original.
Real Reason:
All stems from wanting to be able to add more devices to the project. From my research and experimenting, it seems I can’t add devices to the clone.
Certainly not critical, but if i can save the tedious work, by further understanding it, then I’m grateful for your time.
Arduino Mega 2560 + Ethernet Sheild
Samsung Galaxy S8, Android Oreo
Blynk Cloud (I have local, but use cloud exclusively for this particular project)
Sketch Code - i don’t see necessary for this question? Its huge and seperated into several .ino files. Hopefully not, but will post if necessary.

I created a new project on my (iOS) tablet, it was called “sn00ky orig”, im attached to my local server. I did a clone of the project, sent it to myself in email. imported the qr code in and it created a new project called “sn00ky orig” which i promptly renamed to “sn00ky clone”. I deleted sn00ky orig and started working with the cloned object.

I went in to the devices area, added a new device (the original one was there, it was called sn00ky orig". the new device was “sn00ky clone”. All went well, no issues.

At worst, you should be able to pick up with the clone, refresh your tokens on both ends, and keep moving. Not sure why it wont let you add another board. Im sure you are saying the same thing as well.

If you want to post your clone QR, I’ll try to import/test some more.

Hello Ivennard

Thanks for the experimenting. I just tried the same with another app, and yielded the same results as you, as you expected.
Here is my QR. It requires a lot of energy so local server might be best.
I don’t want to delete this clone yet as I am worried I might lose it, but will have to if i want to try your suggestion (don’t want to spend more $$$ on energy i don’t plan on needing to double up). I will if i have to of course, but ya know.
Let me know what ya find!


I admit using 'Faces" way back when was not of my interest… but from what do I recall, you couldn’t delete the original project until you had removed the Faces App Preview. So you should have both or neither :thinking:

Cloning and “Faces” wasn’t the same thing… if you have a Cloned QR, then it should have been of the original project, not the app preview.

Correct… but thanks for reading the directions and supplying what was relevant… many don’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Perhaps posting the Clone QR that you do have (that is what you are referring to… right?) will let others test to see if it will generate a project template. What result do you get when you try?

EDIT - I just saw you posted it as I was typing :smiley:

It seems my mix up of the faces and clones might be relevant here.
This is the project settings screen:

And this is what I get when I go to add new device:

And no prob regarding the directions :slight_smile:

heads up, when you said “alot of energy”, i was like, “oh, ok, 3000 or 4000” and i understood that .

this is 23,400 energy!

Gunner, chime in here, but i think this is just an APP UPDATE on the phone, delete of project and create clone project from your posted QR.

The way to back up your projects on the blynk-cloud is from doing clone QR’s and backing up your hardware files. There shouldnt be anything wrong with doing it that way. But i can understand the hesitation.

Lol, yea bit much. The project is opened and used a few times a day and well with the $$ for energy to me. Blynk rocks!

If I did accept the risk and delete my project (to import the new QR) - I would probably loose my historic chart data eh? I have over a years worth of data on my water tracking that I really don’t want to part with lol ( I have the data archived, but I don’t think I can re-load it to those charts in the app for convenient viewing?)

Thanks again!

Yes… the QR rebuilds the App project widgets & settings, not the server stored data.

FYI. There is something about the way QR codes are used now… I think they totally encapsulate the project data up to a certain size (unknown, but probably related to QR class). Anything larger seems to be a URL to the source server… which seems to have issues when cloning across Local and Cloud servers, when using Android at least :thinking:

And if you are picky about your Local Server URL being handed out, then be aware, that when trying to open a Local Server URL from Android on Cloud account… the URL is displayed in the error :frowning:

Now, as far as backup of your Cloud account project(s) (just the App stuff, not Cloud Server data history) onto your Local Server account (assuming that is the basis of this topic) if you have access to an iOS device then it can apparently be done no problem. Then once on your Local Server you can generate a new QR, but since it will only point to your server URL, that might be an issue if you ever lost or moved your Local Server.

However… if you backup your entire Local Server folder, then you can simply reinstall the Server, copy over the previously backed up folder and you got your full account back… projects, history, certifications, etc.

Hrm. Well, I don’t have local server access directly via port forwarding or dyndns (my ISP are a PITA). Good to know though, appreciate that.

I believe I did that once using the wife’s iPad to transfer a project from cloud to local and I recall it working ok.

I have backed up my entire local server (ran on Win7 machine), and haven’t had too much issues with it so far, knock on wood.

The reprocessed QR code you provided earlier. I am curoius, if I were to share another “simplified” one, would you reprocess it? I am thinking I can cut down my energy used by removing charts that i regularly clear historic data on and can simply add them back manually.

you know what, i would log an actual issue with the blynk admins,

I need to rebuild a project, need your help, and my history back. please :)

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All I did was use my iPhone logged into my LS to scan your Cloud Server QR, then refreshed the AUTH and re-cloned it… just use your wife’s iPad again.

I’m not sure I understand?

the 3 years of data you have built up, is stored in a file, on the server. Not saying its recoverable… but its worth asking.

Oh! I see. I was out in left field there apparently haha.

Perhaps I will ask, going to exhaust a few more options first. Thanks!

You could probably use the Reports widget to “back up” all that data… at least for viewing in Excel or something.

EDIT, Ahh OK I see you already have that Widget.

Yup, I was excited to see that one come along. I have data archived, but I just like having the convenience of being able to see it in the App.

I am currently skimming it down so I can have 2 versions with the energy I have. If it works great, if not, an opportunity to clean up house a little and reorganize again.

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So… the basis of the OP is resolved then? It was just a QR/backup clarification question and not a Faces issue?

Well, it has developed. At this point, I still cannot add new devices, but it seems that is due to it being a faces “app” rather than a cloned project.

You provided a way to make my app back to a project, I just need to deal with the logistics of it.

Backup hasn’t been the problem, reloading data to the app is - the historic data will be lost in terms of app viewing only - though important.

So I guess it’s resolved, assuming I get the same results Gunner and Ivennard had with being able to add new devices.

If I got it all anyway ha

Long shot, but if you generate your “new” old project then submit that AUTH to @Dmitriy via PM and ask nicely, perhaps he can reinstate the new AUTH into the old project file, thus restoring access to your data history. This is something relatively easily done on a Local Server, but obviously we don’t have access to that file level on the Cloud.

That sure sounds like a great idea!
I’ll finish up my experimenting then possibly reach out. Thanks for the info guys!

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