RESOLVED: Bug in Blynk app: Super Chart 'Removes itself'

Android (Galaxy S8)
Blynk: 2.20.3
Situation: local server on RPI

Its rather specific and I think its due to the rather large amount of widgets employed. the bug however is consistent (repeatable):
I have 2 tabs in the first tab I have Leds (35), value displays (21) and Step H (7) widgets.
In the 2nd tab I’ve tried several times to add a super chart (where I track two values, which are also displayed on the first tab). I’m able to add it, change it but after a minute or so the widget is gone.
After several tries I noticed that when adding the widget NO energy was substracted! When I added the widget to the first tab energy IS substracted. Hence the widget on the first tab remains, but the widget on the 2nd tab keeps dissapearing.

Hello. What server version do you have?

Can you add the SuperChart in the first tab, then after confirming that it stays put, move it to the 2nd tab?

@Dmitriy: 0.34.2 edit: I see the latest version is 0.36.2 I’ll check that one out this evening and let you know if it works or not.
@Gunner: interesting idea, I’m not at home and can’t access my server from the outside (yet), somehow this keeps failing. I’ll give it a shot and let you know.

Server should be always updated before the app.

updated server, everything works as intended.