Requisition type GET is blocking my esp8266, how procede?

Good moring people. I’m using blynk in the automation of my house. And I use an internal ip to set the parameters of my room, something like and another internal ip to use in the room: To not use many cables, etc., I added two buttons on the site of my node and when clicked, it sends a request type get in the room ip to ascend or turn off the lamp. Everything is working perfectly up to this point. But I use blynk to trigger the bulbs too, and when I send the get type request to my room the blynk hangs. I could not get around the problem. Has anyone ever experienced this? Here’s the snippet of the get request code
and variable httpPort is const int=80, same variable that using in my webserver, port 80 too.

If (state == "okk") {

   Client.connect (server1, httpPort);
    Client.println ("GET / relay1? Function = on HTTP / 1.1");
     Client.println ();
     Delay (200);

Get rid of the delay. That would be my stab in the dark, but without seeing the rest of the code it’s just more guessing (please also put three backticks ` before and after your code to format it nicely :slight_smile: )