Requesting Time from Blynk server

In my home automation project I will turn on and off lights, als also move up and down the shutters.
I use an Arduino Mega 2560 with an Ethernet Shield 2. From my arduino i go over an
converter to my house bus, that works with RS485.
All the things works fine.
But now, I want to move up and down the shutters on a certain time. The Time when this should happen
is done with sliders.
The problem i have now, is: How can I get the local time from Blynk server to my arduino board?
I have tried first the thing with the clock on the app and connect it to a virtual pin,
than I used the “BLYNK_ATTACH_WIDGET(rtc, Vx);” as described on

but this does no work.
Specially than, if it would work, what would happen, if my phone/app is not connected to the internet?

Is there a way to get time from blynk server, that can requestet in certain time intervalls?

sounds like you need a $3 RTC from eBay

Just use the RTC widget. The Blynk project on the hardware keeps running, no matter if the App on your phone is closed or not.

I tried this, similar to

But it did not update the time.
Maybe I need to review again over my code…

It can take up to 5 minutes before the time is synchronized, but usually it’s quick, so you may need to give it some time (pun intended :wink: )

Meanwhile, a lot of time has gone…
and the app was running good with the WidgetRTC.
But since a few weeks, the time does not synchronize any more.
When i start the arduino, the time starts from zero and does not update to the current time.
The sketch is writen in the same manner than the example RTC.ino.
Does anybody have an idea what there could be wrong?


Did you make any changes with your app or library version? there have been relatively recent changes with the RTC widget in the past couple of months. Make sure you are running the latest version of both.

I did no change anything at all…
But thanks, I updated the library, now it works again…

this is little sad thing. If i would have running this sketch somewhere out there, I would have to go to update every arduino!

Yeap. That’s why OTA is a must for production ready devices. Otherwise, you have to “freeze” everything in your setup. Libs, apps, server.

That’s the reason why we provide local server. If you are not ready for OTA - please use it.