Request User/ID on shared project


I have a shared home automation project and want to have more control of who’s using it.
To do so, I want, somehow, to show on Blynk console when someone make a request on some button.

For example:
User1/IP pushed gate button on datetime
User2/IP pushed lamp button…

The important feature is not when the request was made, but which user made it.
Don’t know how to implement that. If that’s Blynk related or code related.

Not really possible in the current system, but the new version is supposedly multi-tenanted.
However, it’s almost two years since the new version was supposedly ready for beta testing, but there is still no sign of it yet.


It is indeed.

We’re really very close :slight_smile:.

@Leothi all your use cases are already implemented in the Blynk 2.0 version. That is planned to see the public beta release in few months. For blynk 1.0 it won’t be done.