Request - Multiple inputs for Delta axis option in Superchart

The Delta option in Superchart is awesome for automatically setting the range of the Y-axis, but it only accounts for that single input/pin. I would like an option to have multiple inputs/pins in a group used to decide on a common set of max / min values for the y-axis.

I have temp + humidity sensors in various parts of my home for my thermostat program and have all the values feed into one Superchart. I really like using the Delta Y-axis feature to automatically keep my tracings in range and allow me to review trends in my temps. However, the feature makes it difficult to see differences between different tracings since the Y-axis is different for each tracing. I’d like an automatic Y-axis feature that accounted for multiple inputs. For example, have all my temp inputs grouped to a common Delta Y-aixs which would use the min of the coldest room and the max of the warmest room to set the Y-axis range. This way all of the tracings will be on the same Y-axis so the differences can be seen, but the axis will still adjust dynamically based on the values recorded.

Anyone else think this would be a useful feature?