Request feature: Resize button smaller

Hi, I have appreciated possibility to resize various things on the grid, but I don’t understand why I can’t resize a simple button!

It will be very helpfull give the chance of this feature! :slight_smile:

let me know what you think about

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You can resize the button, but only horizontally at the moment.

yes, but I’d like a smaller button! They are too big and sometime is not necessary that size :slight_smile:

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You’re not the first person to ask about this, I’m sure they’ll get to it soon enough.

Please make meaningful topic names.

There is a usability issue with the buttons. There were numerous UX researches mentioning the minimum area for touch interfaces for different people with different fingers. The whole Blynk grid utilizes the outcome of these researches.

Button will not be smaller. Sorry, guys. Science and data rocks. Most of the decisions we make are data or researh driven, not just taken from the sky.

I like that you’ve based it off actual data. Good.

I like how being able to resize widgets has reduced the number of entries in the widget list, btw. Smart move.

Any chance we can stretch the button vertically? At present there’s no way to achieve the old ‘large button’ widget.

To reproduce old ‘large button’ widget you need just to stretch button horizontally for full width.

There is one use case for a smaller button: it’s the “check box” or “on / off” slide switch. This would be about the size of two LED widgets side by side. Using a 2x2 switch mode button for this really does feel too big, especially when the mobile operating system uses these siding switches at small size effectively. Please reconsider allowing buttons to be smaller, or implementing a toggle widget to cover this “mode switch on off” use case.

Alternately, the LED widget could be extended to support press events, but that’s probably not a good idea from a usability and confusion standpoint.

I’ve recently added a time input widget to my project and would very much like a “enable schedule” button/check box/slider next to it that fits in 1x1 or 1x2 space. Or perhaps the time input widget could get an “enabled” state of its own.

I use 4x1 slider to take the place of multiple buttons - like drop down menu…

Another use case is to combine the button with the new level widget, so that when touched (selected), the level becomes an input (like the slider). This avoids taking up screen space with buttons, sliders and output indicators, and is quite intuitive to use.

We just released update with Step Control. It is some kind of small buttons :slight_smile:.