Reports Widget Missing Data

I am new to the Reports widget but generally very impressed with the capabilities.

Problem I have (Android and local server):

I am asking for a report on 4 datastreams with 1 minute frequency. On the daily report I am expecting 1440 entries for each of the 4 datastreams. One datastream has about 1440 entries but the other 3 each have about 20 or 30 entries.

I have tried each of the 3 different report types and I only ever get a full set of data for one datastream.

Any ideas?

As an aside the docs for the widget state you can delete data from the device but it’s probably more accurate to say data can be removed from the server as the device doesn’t generally hold any data (just software code).

Maybe this is only data you have? Do you see many points on your graph for those streams?

Of the 4 datastreams only 2 of them are used in Superchart. I was assuming the datastreams don’t need to be in a Superchart, right?

Data for all 4 datastreams is updated every second, 24 hours a day.

They need to be in Chart or Reports widget. This was done due to large data amount, so we have t decrease the storage size.

They are in the Reports widget (and 2 of the 4 in Chart).

@Dmitriy I suspect a coding bug for the Reports widget. It seems to have a problem when you first create the reports as to how far back it should go to obtain the data.

After having just received partial reports for 4 pins with daily reports last week I received my first weekly report yesterday. One pin had a complete set of data and the other 3 pins started part way through the week. The first part of the week was missing but the end of the week was fine for all 4 pins.

So I checked back at my daily reports and they are now providing full datasets for all 4 pins. So once a real start period is allocated the reports are fine. I expect my weekly reports to be fine next week too.

No changes made at my end so that is why I think there is a “start from” bug.