Report widget not displaying data

For starters I’m new here

I’ve selected 8 datastreams for my report widget. Totally i have 5 value widgets, 1 terminal widget, 1 LCD widget and 3 LED widgets. However, the report generated only displays the LED widget brightness. Nothing else is included in the csv file.
I’d like to mention that the value widgets are virtual pin values.
I’m running the arduino IDE with a Sparkfun ESP8266 thing dev.
Blynk library version 0.5.4 i think.
Would like to mention everything works fine with the values displayed correctly in all widgets on the app except that the report widget doesn’t generate the same information in the app.
Also, I’m using the cloud server for now…but i think i’ll switch to local server soon.
Please help.

(I have a hunch…
In the code i’ve used string format to link the data to the virtual pin. I wonder if that’s the reason. Should i directly use float instead?)

I’ve found a similar issue, it may be related to the widget you are using. I’ve found the report will include widgets that collect values. So it might be an idea to add value widgets for the pins you want to record so the report widget saves and reports this data.

Hi jhale716, I tried that way out to but still no success, now I guess only way is to wait for officials to reply and bring out a solution.


I think you’ll find that the values you report need to be used in SuperChart to ensure that the value history is written into the database.
If you write string values to SuperChart then you’ll have problems.


Sending String(12.34) to superchart should not be a problem for example, however if you add an string text for example 12.34°C it won’t record