Report multiple datastreams per Device


I would like to create a Report which includes two datastreams from two different sensors (ie temperature and brightness) collected by one device.

The project is set up - the app and the device communicate, temperature and brightness are written to V1 and V2, I have a SuperChart with both Sensors showing what they are supposed to. Its beautiful.

Sadly, I seem to be missing some step in report creation, I only get a report which includes one (ie temperature) of the two datastreams, although it says I have two datastreams specified under Data Source in the Report Widget Properties. Since I can see that both datastreams create data (SuperChart), it seems strange.

I went through the docs, but I believe I did everything correctly. There are some previous posts about the report widget missing data, but those seem not directly related (they are generally about data points missing, not a whole datastream).

I think I just miss a detail somewhere to get it to work correctly, but I cannot seem to locate my error. Any suggestions?



In your report definition, what have you selected for “group data in reports”?


Hello Pete,

I tried “Device” and “Report”, currently it is set to “Device”.



Out of curiousity, I tried the Datastream report option for “Group Data Reports”, I get a zip with two files, one for each stream. So that part works.

For my personal understanding, if I select Device under “Group Data Reports”, I am supposed to get one zip file containing one file which contains the data for the TWO datastreams, right?

Yes, but the datastreams don’t appear in separate columns, they are all in one column and you need to scroll down the report until you see the data stream name change.
I’m guessing that this is what’s confusing you.


Okay, that sorted it out, thanks alot, Pete!

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Don’t worry, I was playing around on my phone trying to figure out what your problem was and was fooled by the same thing until I ran a report for a shorter period and scrolled down far enough to see the change in datastream name.