Report generates an error

-app: 2:25:0
-server: server-0.37.2-java8.jar
-mail server works
-Samsung galaxy S8 edge

I thought to try out the new ‘report’ widget and noticed a couple of things:

  1. I’ve taken one value (tried several) and generated a report. This resulted in an error ‘failed to generate, check settings or try later’.
  2. I noticed that if I use e.g. V10 for three widgets (value display and 2 graphs) it shows up 3 times in the ‘choose datastream’ section. Perhaps this is intentional, but its a bit confusing at first. Granted given the fact that I use 3 different labels (‘huidige temperatuur’, ‘temp’ and ‘current’) for the same V10 its a bit hard to decide which to pick.

(and as has been reported numerously by now: changing the font size is not really appreciated. They’re way to small and even setting it to large its still too small. )

Please post here your blynk.log file.

obviously there’s a log…:roll_eyes:

I had a look and here are the last entries. What I don’t get is: I just tried it around 10:00(am) the time on the server is correct, but the log entries (assumming they’re times) are 16:16 so thats at least yesterday.
edit: now the last modification is: 13/05/2018 : 16:16. So this is an ancient log. I’m apparently looking in the wrong place?

16:16:03.462 INFO - Using data dir ‘/home/pi/blynk’
16:16:07.107 INFO - Region : local. Host :
16:16:10.067 INFO - Initializing gmail smtp mail transport. Username : SMTP host :
16:16:10.213 INFO - Didn’t find custom user certificates.
16:16:10.221 INFO - Didn’t find Let’s Encrypt certificates.
16:16:10.221 WARN - You didn’t specified ‘’ or ‘’ properties in file. Automatic certificate generation is turned off. Please specify above properties for automatic certificates retrieval.
16:16:10.222 WARN - ATTENTION. Server certificate paths (cert : ‘/home/pi/blynk’, key : ‘/home/pi/blynk’) not valid. Using embedded server certs and one way ssl. This is not secure. Please replace it with your own certs.
16:16:15.137 INFO - Hardware SSL server listening at 8441 port.
16:16:15.146 INFO - HTTP API and WebSockets server listening at 8080 port.
16:16:15.150 INFO - HTTPS API, WebSockets and Admin page server listening at 9443 port.
16:16:15.154 INFO - Mqtt hardware server listening at 8440 port.
16:16:16.256 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:16.397 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:16.864 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:17.377 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:17.392 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:17.769 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:17.961 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:18.365 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:19.269 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:19.802 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:19.826 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:21.344 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:21.415 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:21.883 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:22.395 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:22.406 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:22.781 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:23.382 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:24.284 INFO - hardware joined.
16:16:24.818 INFO - hardware joined.

Probably ancient, yes.

so where’s the ‘current’ log file?

You tell me. It is usually in the same folder from which you run the jar file.

found it, it was under home/pi/logs (a bit unexpected)

09:29:29.202 INFO - hardware joined.
09:29:35.799 INFO - hardware joined.
09:29:49.724 INFO - Blynk-app (android-22500) joined.
09:31:36.648 INFO - Blynk-app (android-22500) joined.
09:34:50.332 INFO - Blynk-app (android-22500) joined.
09:37:00.939 ERROR- Error compressing report file.
09:37:00.952 ERROR- Error generating report 63253 for user
09:37:00.952 ERROR- duplicate entry: 1651190328_23553_v12.csv
09:37:00.952 INFO - Processed report for, time 964 ms.
09:41:06.365 INFO - Blynk-app (android-22500) joined.
09:42:56.877 INFO - Blynk-app (android-22500) joined.
09:46:40.423 INFO - Blynk-app (android-22500) joined.
09:48:25.046 INFO - Blynk-app (android-22500) joined.
09:48:47.783 ERROR- Error compressing report file.
09:48:47.795 ERROR- Error generating report 63253 for user
09:48:47.795 ERROR- duplicate entry: 1651190328_23553_v12.csv
09:48:47.795 INFO - Processed report for, time 287 ms.
09:51:17.522 INFO - Blynk-app (android-22500) joined.
09:51:20.762 ERROR- Error compressing report file.
09:51:20.773 ERROR- Error generating report 63253 for user
09:51:20.773 ERROR- duplicate entry: 1651190328_23553_v12.csv
09:51:20.773 INFO - Processed report for, time 313 ms.
11:35:08.407 INFO - Blynk-app (android-22500) joined.

I see. Thanks I’ll check what that could be.

@wolph42 could you please post here your report settings? (sources and devices screen)

@wolph42 ok. no need, seems the issue is due to " it shows up 3 times in the ‘choose datastream’ section"

ok. Anything I should/can do or will there be a fix later on?

ok. Anything I should/can do or will there be a fix later on?

You can remove duplicated data streams. This should help.

you mean from the device tiles? In that case ill wait for the fix, I require the 3 ‘interpretations’.

I would imagine that more people would have this issue, basically Im using (e.g.) V10 to show active value in value display and V10 in a graph to see the history (a third one I use for checking heating response times). Its fairly basic use.

From the report configuration.

i did that initially. I’ve only selected 1 datastream and that generated this error (selecting more streams generates the same error).

This issue with several same streams is already fixed in 2.25.1 build

you people are fast!! Anyway, I still get an error on send…

Hm, had you removed already saved duplicate streams from reporting widget settings? Or just remove reporting widget and add a new one

no, but I have now (removed report, created a new one, selected one stream), same issue: failed report

Report or Reporting Widget?