Remove old data from the "Value display" or "Labeled Value" widget

I have to agree with this issue… Often I have glanced at my Solar Monitor tablet (permanently set up for 24/7 display) to read the chart (until I later realised it almost never updates - 'nother topic) and Value Displays from across the room and made assumptions that the visible data was accurate, only to check again later and realise that something had stalled out.

Seeing the red offline is not always accurate, or even that noticeable from a distance, as it sometimes lingers even when device is online (possibly due to older android device).

So now I use a 1 second up-time counter to give me an “at a glance” determination of device state… but that could get crowded with many devices and is a pain as I need to retrain myself to ‘Look at the up-time, wait a second or two to confirm action, then read the data I am interested in’. A flashing virtual LED would also work, but still just another band-aid, as is the Eventor one I posted above.

I would use APP_CONNECTED for that.

Let’s say ESP records data every 15 minutes (can’t see any reason to do it more often)
Data is flowing to 2 pins: V0 for SuperChart, V1 for Label Widget

V0 is filled every 15 mins
V1 is filled with “–“,

When app connects, you write temp value to the label. If hardware is offline, V1 widget will show “–“

you can also trigger additional sensor reading routine on APP CONNECTED.

In that scenario you may never see actual value in V1. (app always connects when hardware offline)

Thank you, I will use this Eventor workaround until Widgets get new setting to not show “old” data.

Valid argument.

What about writing always, but on app connect use set property to color the label (e.g. from gray to green)

@Pavel still wouldn’t work for hardware that is offline mostly. Let just design normal widget for that case. Implementation is easy.


I am calling this topic back whether we have any update for the labeled value widget?

ESP for car finding case:
I am creating an esp on my car. Anytime I want to search my car in parking area I just turn my 4G + wifi hotpot ON then moving to search the car (esp based) … if Blynk connected (near the car) it will be notifying to a labeled value widget “Car found … nearby !!!” then I tap on Blynk / button widget for the esp on the car to bright LED up / even sounding alert … the issue is anytime we open the Blynk app the labeled value widget is still indicated “Car found … nearby” … any way for us to clear this from Blynk app when connected while the esp not connected to Blynk?

Can we have a property for this labeled value widget is default value anytime Blynk app connected (= Blynk cloud default value for this widget) ? I just want to clear its old data / info.

cannot use this

  Blynk.virtualWrite(V8, "searching for the car !!!");

since Blynk is not really connected at that time.