Remote room thermostat

Hi everyone!
Firstly I would like to say thanks to Blynk developers and forum members for sharing their knowledge.

I would like to present my first project after I discovered a Blynk. It is running now for two years, so it looks it is safe:)

I’ve build a room thermostat on ESP8266 which is remotely controlled thanks to Blynk app.


If anyone is interested he can find all the stuff (code, images, video) on this website: I’ll be glad if it is useful to someone.
I know it is not perfect so constructive comments are appreciated.
Regards, mtd


good job and neat code ! :hushed:

Looks nice :slight_smile: I will take a closer look thanks for posting.

Ho osservato il tuo progetto, e anche se le tipologie di caldaie in uso nel mio paese sono diverse, lo trovo comunque interessante come spunto per altri progetti futuri. Bravo