Regarding Video Streaming

Hi there blynkers!
To business:
I am attempting to implement a video stream from IP camera (Hikvision or Jassun) and it works wonderfully until I leave my local Wi-Fi. Apparently video is pulled directly to my phone. It is understandable though inconvenient. Other issue I have with this is I am sharing the project with my colleagues. All other widgets function perfectly except video. Is there a way to pass stream through a local blynk server so I could avoid opening video feed to the world to see?
Secondary, I would prefer to password protect my cameras for obvious reasons, but widget doesn’t seem to have any authentication settings…

I doubt that will happen soon, simply due to the massive bandwidth load that would add to the servers.

The way it currently works is as you said… direct feed from the URL you enter into the widget. You will have to make that feed available, via port forwarding, in order to see it outside of your LAN.

This is entirely dependent on the camera’s firmware and its URL format… for example mine follows this format: