Regarding blynk capabilities

Hi Team,

We are the customers of blynk app from past 8 months. Please can you people clarify below doubts:

  1. At max how many devices we can run with Blynk setup?
    a) That may be in one project or in multiple projects.

  2. In one blynk account, can we create two or more projects and run those projects simultaneously.

  3. If i use blynk virtual server or virtual pins, is there any limit in number of devices per project?

Do you have a paid subscription on a monthly/annual basis, or are you simply a user of the free version who has bought some energy via the app?

If you’re a paying customer then you should probably discuss your requirements with your account manager.

If you’re using the free version of the app then the answers are:

20 devices per account - see this info:

I think you may be able to increase this if you run a local Blynk server.

Yes, of course. The energy you buy can be used to add widgets to any of these projects.

I don’t really understand this question, and I don’t think you understand the role of virtual pins.
Maybe your asking if a local Blynk server can be used to remove the 20 device limit?


Hi PeteKnight,

Thanks for the quick reply, Can you pls also answer below queries also:

  1. What is the maximum number of devices we can add if we run local Blynk server?
  2. What is the maximum number of devices we can add if we use blynk virtual devices instead of actual end devices? Eg: Instead of connecting actual end devices like Raspberry pi, Arduino, node mcu etc, using blynk virtual setup to interact with blynk cloud server.
  3. Can I run multiple blynk projects of one blynk account at a time ? Eg: In my blynk account, I have two projects with names blynk_demo1 and blynk_demo2 with different functionalities. Can I run those two projects parallelly.

Chanti K.

  1. I don’t know, I use the cloud servers
  2. I don’t understand this approach, can you explain more?
  3. As I said before, yes. You can only access one project at a time on a particular phone/tablet.

Maybe if you added more information about your planned projects we’d be able to give you more guidance about the best approach.


Thanks for the reply,

Please find below example for more explanation on above mentioned point number 2:

Here, in blynk we have an option to choose digital pins(gp2,gp3 etc) or virtual pins(v0,v1 etc). If we use virtual pins, don’t need to connect actual devices eg: pi board to blynk project, It will create that device in blynk server itself. Now, i want to know maximum how many devices i can connect if i use virtual pins.

Chanti K.

All devices are created on the Blynk server, but this is done via the app and the server will show that device as being offline unless a physical device that has connected using the auth code for the device and is communicating with the server at least once every 10 seconds.

That’s also the case with digital pins.

But, without a device that is processing these digital or virtual pin commands, any project that you create will have very little practical value.

Can you explain what this project is trying to achieve?
There are probably much simpler solutions than the ones you’re investigating here, maybe using Node-Red as well as Blynk.


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There are no limitations. Only your hardware is limitation. (But only for non commercial use)

No limitations as well.

Yes, you can.