Recording Function for all actions

I was thinking about an option for the server to keep a record of all the actions. This could be useful when I am on a holiday and want to make it look like from the outside there is still somebody living there.

Since every action already goes through the server first, it’s not hard to keep a log and just “play” the day when you’re not home. Then you can choose the time you want to execute the log. When you want to execute the passed week or repeat a specific day over and over again. So the server gives the actions on its own, when you want him to do it.

I thought about this because I am slowly replacing some light switches with a touch sensitive panel which I will connect to a wemos mini pro. The wemos will enable the relay.
So I can switch my light with my phone or with the touch panel.
When I can keep a record with the server, I can automatically “play” the passed day when I am not at home.

So the server keeps a log, which you can turn on in the app, also in the app you can choose to play the log when you are not home and still want to keep everybody thinking you are.

Hope more people will like this idea.


Just use BLYNK_LOG() when ever you need to log an action.

I see what you want to do there! Something like a Macro function to just push buttons according to a sort of playlist.

I think you can build something like that, but it’ll take some time and thinking to get it running OK. I just upgraded my domotic system to turn on the lights automatically, but they still need a manual button to turn them off, but that could be with a timer. That should al ready be quite interesting to do.

But I do not want to log things for myself, like the history graph. I would like to have my server log the actions I make, and when I am gone I can “play” the log of the previous week/day.
And maybe I can select which action may or may not be caught in the log. So my heater won’t go on when I am not home.