I have to projects in my blynk app. One is Wemos D1 and other Arduino Nano with ENC28J60. Recently I have problems accessing it from App. Everything works ok untill I close blynk application or lock the screen. Then when I try to open it back, there are 3 green dots circling endlessly before update there was “reconnecting” or something like that). Then I have to log-out and log-in back in app and everything works again (untill next screen off).

On what OS are you? If it’s Android - please add it’s version and device model.

Android, Samsung S6 Edge. Android 6.0.1 with latest version of Blynk app from Play store. It used to work normally, but after I added second project with ESP8266 (Wemos D1), the problems started. I am not sure if it started on exactly that time or a day or two later or maybe it is just a coincidence.

We’ll soon release a new build, please check with it, as i’ve made some updates to this progress dialog. If the issue will still arise - we’ll need to investigate this issue more deeply.

Still the same. Mostly at evenings.

@BlynkAndroidDev we can provide debug build and wait for reproducer.

@monaco do you use latest Blynk app? Is internet connection is ok when you see dots?