Reconncting to the server

androidのアプリでReconncting to the server…と表示され、編集も操作もできない

The application of android displays Reconncting to the server … and can not be edited or manipulated
How can I help you?

Android 7.1.2 Nexus 5x
Blynk 2.15.0

Hello. Probably blocked 8443 port?

編集もできるが、編集後「Reconncting to the server … 」で保存されない。
各Projectも、停止しても、「Reconncting to the server … 」とでて開始されてしまう。

The application is also running.
You are connected to the network.
Although you can edit it, it is not saved as “Reconncting to the server …” after editing.
Even if each project is stopped, it will be started with “Reconncting to the server …”.
Is this the situation?