Reconfigure Wifi

what happed to the reconfigure option on the app? i need to reconfigure the wifi and the option just vanished from the app. Or is there a changelog somewhere when the app updates.

Nope its still there where it used to be

That’s how it looks on my Samsung s22. And my s10 is the same way. It just occurred since the app was updated…

App version?


@BlynkAndroidDev FYI

It’s part of a future feature that accidentally got into the latest build. We already uploaded 1.6.2 awaiting Play Store review with a fix

@BlynkAndroidDev ok perfect! While I have you on the line… Have you ever thought of having dynamic names for widgets? I have a esp32 i/o board that I sell and my clients use them to control couple generators and couple garage doors at their factories. Each factory is different so the names of the widgets are different as well. It would be really nice to change the widget names for each device than I could have one template for all my clients.

It’s already possible.

  1. Set property feature
  2. Alias name widget

As Pavel mentioned, you can:

  1. Use the Alias Widget. For example, create the device info tab ‘Names’ and add there an Alias Name widget(s) with specified datastream(s) in edit mode, so users will be change alias of the datastream by themselves. In the template - add Alias Name widget in View mode with small font size above the necessary widget (remove that widgets label)
  2. Use set property call. A little bit trickier: add string datastream for naming, create the device info tab ‘Names’ with text input widget on that datastream, on update of that datastream value call set property from hardware side to change label of necessary widget

Perfect! Thanks very much

Wow that works perfect! Would there be a way to update existing deployed units with different template names? It seems when i try to update to my “official” release using OTA it never finishes. I am assuming the problem is the template name is different. It would really be nice if i could update them without going on-site