Recomendation for the Most easy project to start in Blynk

I’m starting in IOT and I’m starting to use Blynk
MY hardware is Nomdemcu, Iphone6.
Please can you help me by recommending a simple example where step by step give me the instructions to execute my first project? Thanks

Have you downloaded the Arduino IDE and installed the ESP core?
Have you installed the Blynk library?
Have you installed Blynk on your phone and created a project, so that you have an Auth Code (token)?

Once you’ve done that then take a look at the sketch builder:

Edit the code so that it has your Wi-Fi credentials and the Auth code you created on your phone, then upload it to your NodeMCU.

Add whatever widgets on your phone it tells you to in the sketch builder code that you chose, and put the app into “run” mode.


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