Recharging energy

I would like to use more feature of blynk. I created app energy gone down further i can’t able to generate app. I would like to know.

1)what are benifit and option will be enable using this recharge.
2)weather its monthly subscription. Where I need to pay 300 rs per month unless I used the app
3)how many project can be generated if I recharge for 300 buck
4)if I am purchase blynk kit from sparkfun addition recharge will be added. Or max 20000 recharge value can be used.

1- The recharge allow you to create more program icons and project on your device. If you remove the icons/project then the energy will go back to your account.
2- I don’t think this is monthly/yearly subscription.
3- Depend on how many virtual “icons” app you put on the project. Each items has their own energy number. For $300 bucks, you can add tons of virtual icons on your device :grinning:
4- When you run out your energy, you can add more as needed.

Hoped that answer your questions.


Is there any way i can get more virtual graphic images. Is there any way where i includde more icon features.