Recent iOS update

Prior to the update my value widigts displayed one decimal place after I limited the number of decimal places in the arduino. After the update I am getting 3 and even 4 decimal places on my values. Is there a solution without reverting to strings?

Sorry. I didn’t get it. You limiting decimal places on Arduino. So where the problem?

I noticed with the new update that the Push selection is gone from the frequency selection. Is this a bug?

@Northernboy gone from where?

See above screen shot

What kind of PIN are you using? PUSH works only for Virtual Pins

My bad I didn’t have a pin selected yet was setting it to push first and noticed it wasn’t there. Sorry.

See my iPad screen copy, too many 0s.

This because you send such string to app. But agree, We will work on that in order to improve.

OK, great but it was not like that before the update. Why does OTMAX have 4 decimal places and small type but OUTMIN and the rest 3?