Rearranging tabs

From the thread of 2017 I see there were no way to rearrange tabs in the widget.
Isn’t it still possible, is it?

I mean I have tabs “Data” and “Settings”.
I’d like to add the tab “Graph” keeping “Settings” as the last one.
Moving tens of parameter from Settings to the new tab and renaming them is not good.

If I can’t do this from the App maybe I can do this by editing some files on the local Blynk server?

It’s possible in the iOS version of the app.
Maybe you should borrow an iOS device and open your project on that then rearrange the menu items?


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Blynk app works on my old iPad with iOS 9 indeed, and I was able to arrange tabs.
Thank you so much, Pete.

I’m happy :slight_smile:

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Anybody tried to rearrange tabs on local server ?
I have no IOS :tired_face: