Reading virtualpin from terminal widget via API

Hello everyone!
Im looking for a solution to read data from terminal widget via API

Something like
GET http://localserveradress:8080/token/get/VPINnumber (as a fact GET request works with any virtual or digital pin and returns data, EXEPT TERMINAL WIDGET ONE)

but it does not reaturn any thing…
neither number nor string

aslo im searching for node.js solution for string comapatrion to findout fact that string changed in terminal

my final task is to do a speaker with espaek or festival with blynk terminal widget and RPI)))

Is there any other way to send string input to virtualpin from app?

Still no replay(((

Hello. This is not supported. As terminal is just terminal. It is not supposed to store data. In case you need to store any data your hardware sends (even strings) you may need to enable raw data storage -

Is there any other way to get user text input to value? Terminal is the only string input method?

“WARNING: Raw data may consume your disk space very quickly!”
Im awarded of this warning)))

Yes. And text input widget in plans.


Hello Dmitry!
Text input widget is still in plan?

I made a rpi based notepad for wife with screen - mounted with magnet on fridge…
My five is asking me to put text on those screen with blynk))))
She knows how to ssh there and edit index.php file, but she becames bit lazy about doing it))))