Reading Device name from HW side

I have several D1 Mini devices running the same code, sending HTTP requests. I’d like to include each device’s name in the request. Is there a way to read the device name (as it is shown in the app) from the HW side?

Thank you for any suggestions.

The only way that I know of is to do an API call to blynkserver/authcode/project and parse the JSON result.


I tried your suggestion. Unfortunately I’m working with device tiles and with api I seem to only get the project name.

Apologies, you’re right, it just returns the meme of the project, not the device.
At the bottom of the JSON output the name of each device in the tiles are given, along with an ID, but there seems to be no way to work-out which device is which according to Auth code.


Just a thought and it’s what I will do.

In the code specify the device ID which is unlikely to change. We have to specify the auth code anyway so one more line to specify the ID. Then search for the ID in the device list and transpose to the name.

Device MAC is how I identify my multiple devices . . .WiFi.macAddress() . . . it’s simple unique ID