Reading data stored in vPin by another esp8266

Hello Blynkers

I have little problem with my simple project.

Now I’m using wemos d1 with connected bme280 to store weather data in 3 virtual pins.

I read this data by app. Works fine.

But now I need to use stored values in these pins by another wemos to present them on LCD screen.

What I found in examples is how to push data to pins (what I’m doing now) and get data (what I want to do) but get data works only when change pin value by app BLYNK_WRITE(). But I need to use it when pin value is changed by another esp8266 - in my case wemos with connected sensor.

Maybe someone has working solution like my case?

Thanks in advance.

You need to look for examples of how to use Bridge.
You’ll need to have two different Blynk Auth codes - one on each device. Bridge allows data to be pushed to the other device.


Hi Pete

Thanks for advice.

I had this solution working some time ago without briges and another token.

Does bridge necessary?

Bridge is the correct way to do it.
If you implement a workaround then it may work, using a particular version of the Blynk library, but if you want a long-term robust solution then use Bridge - or come over to the dark side and use MQTT messaging to transfer the data :skull_and_crossbones: