Read wireless sensor data through Blynk App

I have just started working with the Blynk application and I was thinking to use it in my firm where I am trying to monitor the data of Wireless sensor connected which reads the vibration of machines.

I wanted to make it use for more than one user,
as one of our collaborative firm suggested us to use particle electron with sensor but I am not properly aware of how to use this service with electron after even searching trying it out,
I am still not able to connect my sensor with this app
Also wanted to know about can we connect Blynk with Mqtt service to send alerts via SMS

Your Valuable leads will be much helpful.

I’m not sure if the above usage scenario shouldn’t be discussed with Blynk Team at (the business service)

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I totally agree that if it’s going to be used in a commercial environment then you should be looking at signing-up to a Blynk paid subscription and asking the Blynk team to help you with the development.

If you want to use MQTT then the website says that it can work with Node-Red. There’s an excellent Node-Red plug-in for Blynk (which I use on a daily basis), so that’s one way to go.
The other is that the documentation says it uses Xbee protocol, so an Xbee gateway would give you access to the data. If you search this forum for Xbee you’ll see a number of threads about Xbee and Blynk together.


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Okay, but still is there any way which help me to just to monitor the data of wireless sensor by accessing the same application by any two user ?
So that I ll make sure before going opt for paid services.

Yes, the solution is ready, and working. It can be monitored on one, two, or more devices.