Read Visual Port while Blynk_write

Hey Everybody
i want to start a LED Stripe with a Button on the Blynk App.
But is it possible to read other Visual Pins
while the Function BLYNK_WRITE works?
So I can use the Parameters for bridness, Color and delay Time wich are from diffrent Virtual Pins.

is it possibel with Blynk.syncVirtual or did anybody has an example for this?

I assume that your asking if it’s possible to read other virtual pin values whilst in a BLYNK_WRITE(vPin) function.

The answer is no.
The BLUNK_WRITE(vPin) functions are in effect callbacks that are triggered when the virtual pin value changes on the server.

The normal approach is to store the virtual pin values to global variables, and to get the latest values at startup/reconnection using the Blynk.SyncVirtual(vPin) command(s) within the BLYNK_CONNECTED() callback function.