Read value virtual pin after esp reboot

i would like know how read a button value and a time input value without change the widget’s state.
when my esp reboot the value is always 0 until i change the button state or the time in the input time.
sorry for my english , i m french
thank you for your help.

The BLYNK_CONNECTED function is called whenever the device connects or re-connects to the Blynk server.
You can place the Blynk.syncVirtual(vPin) command to force the Blynk server to send the latest value for the vPin to your device.

Search the forum for Blynk.syncVirtual to see examples of how to do this.


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thank you for your help
solve with Blynk.syncAll(); function

@manworms2 you would be much better to synchronise the specific virtual pins that you are using, instead of using Blynk.syncAll


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