Read Labeled Value from hardware


Is it possible to read a labeled value from hardware?

I tried virtual_sync() but I do not receive any event.

Could you explain a little more?

I’d like to have a Labeled Value, to which I would push values from hardware but when my hardware boots up, I’d like it to fetch the current value from the server and start from there.

I’m doing it right now with a Numeric Input.

At boot I blynk.virtual_sync(NI_VPIN) so I can get the current count. Then in normal operation I blynk.virtual_write(NI_VPIN, value).

But it’s weird because with a numeric input, the user can change the value in the interface so I go around this by repushing the current hardware value if the user changes it. Still kinda weird because it set, then reset right after.

I’m not sure why but with the Labeled Value I don’t seem to receive an event when calling virtual_sync() like I do with the Numeric Input block.