Read an String and set an INT value from terminal NODEMCU

Hi All,

I’m trying to read an String and set an INT value from terminal widget for 2 different temperature sensors, I have been reading some post but I haven’t found something similar.

I would like to something like this in the terminal
write in terminal: set temp1 20 (this will set the value 20 to the temp1 into variable valueTemp1)
write in terminal: set temp2 34 (this will set the value 34 to the temp2 into variable valueTemp2)

I want to enter the values from terminal instead of use the slider or the Step Widgets. I checked the terminal example but don’t know how this can work for String and INT values, can this be achieved with something similar?

Thanks for your help!


  // if you type "Marco" into Terminal Widget - it will respond: "Polo:"
  if (String("Marco") == param.asStr()) {
    terminal.println("You said: 'Marco'") ;
    terminal.println("I said: 'Polo'") ;
  } else {

    // Send it back
    terminal.print("You said:");
    terminal.write(param.getBuffer(), param.getLength());

  // Ensure everything is sent


Thanks will check that info!!