Re-use auth?

One thing that struck me as I was trying out Blynk with a Spark Core last night was that each project generates its own auth code, which in turn means that you need to flash your device with new code to match each dashboard.

It would be nice if we could re-use the auth code across projects, so that you could leave a single sketch on your device, but try different widget configurations against it. It seems obvious that each individual device would need its own auth ID, but it feels backwards to me that the ID should have to be unique to a particular widget config on my phone.



Totally agree! Maybe sometime in future we will implement this. But right now we will concentrate all our efforts on providing widgets as this is most expected stuff.
I agree it would be cool possibility. Right now you could do vice versa. You could use same token for many hardwares and control from one dash many hardwares!

I accidentally deleted the wrong project on my iphone.
Is there a way to re-key/change the auth token and use the previous token?
It is very difficult me to dismantle the ESP from my ceiling to reprogram with new auth token.