Raspi 2 model B GPIO pins inverted when using buttons

I have a raspberry pi 2 with a fresh install of raspbian Jessie and installed blynk with no problems. When i try and test it I am able to connect to the pi fine but when I set up a button for GPIO 17 to turn on a simple led the outputs get inverted. The led starts off when i cycle through the button ones the pins of my pi become inverted. They are then high all the time and using the blynk button makes them low. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

I’m also seeing this identical behavior with the Raspberry Pi Model B (Rev 1) on Jessie w/ a fresh install of Blynk (Git master – commit 8ea45032dbe52ace007ac539fd69d5673389dc82).

Thanks for reporting, we are investigating it.
@vshymanskyy -please take a look

Hey guys, apologies. I believe this was an error on my part. It does appear the logic is functioning properly.

If I did have one feature request – the ability to set a default state of an output pin on initialization would be awesome. Also setting LOW–>HIGH or HIGH–>LOW output transitions via the app would be excellent as well.

Cheers :slight_smile:

We will do that. Thanks