RaspberryPi nodejs sketch exemple

Hi community !

I’m looking for sketch exemple for raspberry nodejs sketch. I want discover and learn Blynk but exemple documentation ( https://examples.blynk.cc/?board=Raspberry%20Pi&shield=System%20default&example=GettingStarted%2FBlynkBlink ) is out of date ( working with wiringpi )

That’s why if somebody have sketch to share with me, i gonna be happy (:

PS : i’m using local server

@CharlesTestas I’ve already pointed you towards the example sketches provided by @Gunner and the examples in the Blynk NodeJS library that you are using.

I’ve already asked you not to keep creating new topics that are about basically the same issue.

I’m closing this topic, and suggest that if anyone does have other NodeJS Blynk examples that they wish to share with Mr Testas then they do that in one of his numerous other topics, all of which are NodeJS related.

@CharlesTestas please don’t keep doing this, otherwise I will suspend your forum account for a while.