Raspberrypi + Blynk + dht11 error

This project used Raspberrypi, Blynk, dht11 (with python)
This project doesn’t working, I don’ t know what should I do
just only the word ‘Blynk’ appears on the screen
please help me !!!

import Adafruit_DHT as dht
import blynklib
blynk = blynklib.Blynk(BLYNK_AUTH)

sensor = dht.DHT11
pin = 4

while True :

h,t = dht.read_retry(sensor,pin)
if t is None and h is None :
else :
    print("Temp={0:0.1f}*C, Humidity={1:0.1f}*%".format(t,h))

    blynk.virtual_write(2, t)
    blynk.virtual_write(3, h)  

Post your entire sketch, otherwise we can’t help you
Clean your void loop
It must contain only


and you can’t call dht.read more than 2 times per second.