Raspberry Pi loses user data when restarting

First of all… Thanks for this community, Blynk is a great project!
I’m playing with a Raspberry using the Local Server and an Arduino Nano V3. Everything is working fine except the user data when I restart the Raspberry, the server sends the message “User is not registered” There’s no way to access again without creating a new account… obviously there’re no signal of my old projects…
What can I do to keep my account data at my Raspberry permanently?
Sorry if this is a silly issue… I’m just learning…


Hello, please show how you run local server

Hi Dmitriy, thanks for your fast reply!
I just open a terminal and write: sudo java -jar server-0.8.2.jar &
That’s all…
Kind regards

I updated doc about a 2 months ago =). You need to run it with

java -jar server-0.8.2.jar -dataFolder /path

2 months ago… Ups… Sorry for that… I’ll try as you say… next time I’ll read more before write… :wink:

Thanks again

No problem =). We just in active development phase so such things may happen from time to time =).