Raspberry Pi 4"

Hola comunidad tengo una Raspberry Pi 4, pero al momento de seleccionar el dispositivo no aparece en el menú desplegable de la aplicación Blynk. ¿Cuál es la mejor opción alternativa que se puede usar en su lugar tal vez Raspberry Pi 3b+?, O aún no hay soporte para Raspberry Pi 4

When you select a device in the app, all you are doing is giving the app information about how may virtual pins can be made available (slower devices can not use as many virtual pins), and what physical pins are available.

I think the RPI 4 has the same 40 GPIOs as the 3B+, but has a few extra - which may not be accessible directly via the app. Personally, I never do direct GPIO pin manipulation from the app, I prefer to use virtual pins instead, so in that case it make very little different what type of device you choose in the app.

Having said that, I think the RPI is better suited to being used as a Blynk local server rather than a Blynk client. In most situations you are far better using the much cheaper and more versatile NodeMCU or ESP32,