Raspberry pi 2 & dht11 sensor

How can I connect with this two things?

rasp and iphone connects well, but there are no sensor’s results on screen.

It makes me crazy. I spend so many time…help me plz…

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You may want to post a little more information.

Can you run the provided example code successfully before adding your own?
Can you read the DHT11 with no Blynk involved?
Maybe some log messages from attempts?

Typically the more info you provide the more others can help.

Hello! I have the same problem

@vshymanskyy: could you please provide example?

I could, but it won’t solve the problem… It would be a rather complex solution which will require linux knowledge, modifying Makefile, etc.

That’s why it is recommended to use Node.js library (especially if there is a wrapper for DHT11).
It needs further investigation.

Is there any additional code for rasp&dht11?

Until now,

I just downloaded node.js file.

And I wrote serial number in raspberry, makes it on-line.

but there’s no response.

do i have to use more code or something?

yes you need to understand how to read the dht11 sensor using node.js now.
next it will be very easy to glue it to the Blynk.

Hi all, here is an example.
"Raspberry Pi + Node.js + Blynk App + DHT11/DHT22/AM2302":

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