Raspberry (NodeJS) Issue (constant device disconnected notification issue)

i made a project with Raspberry and NodeJS(include Notification For Device Offline Report) So every things work well For 20 Days. But after that when i was in travel my App started to Push notification about Raspberry(NodeJS) Disconnected How every i can’t access to to restart the raspberry but for 2 days i receive the notification about raspberry device disconnected.
Finally after receive from travel i restart The Raspberry and Again everything working Good. I want to know why i have this Problem(This is second time)?

Need more details before we can determine if this is a actual Blynk issue or just remnants from prior issues.

Were ALL phones, tablets etc. running updated App prior to issue?

Is your Local Server (if any) running updated version?

Where did you travel to and from… did you connect to any other servers in that time, etc. (did you take this RPi device with you?)

How frequent was the notification, and was it popping up randomly or only when starting App, etc?

It might be impossible to determine what happened and also not really worth pursuing if it doesn’t happen again… so please keep us updated if it does. Then we might be able to compare notes for the developers if needed.