Raspberry Client Running but can't connect - Hardware channel disconnect


on my Raspberry my Client Programm is running i think 1 week with no problems. After that i can’t connect with my blynk app on my iphone. On Blynk.log i get this messages:

19:39:29.492 DEBUG - [id: 0x84e18cc7, L:/ - R:/] HANDSHAKEN: TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256
19:39:29.507 TRACE - Incoming LoginMessage{id=1, command=Login, length=32, body='2ada5f77b3a442b3b9a9d3e77529cfc3'}
19:39:29.507 DEBUG - completeLogin. [id: 0x84e18cc7, L:/ - R:/]
19:39:29.509 TRACE - Sending 1351080426 to app [id: 0xb519b980, L:/ - R:/]
19:39:29.511 INFO  - thomas.frommelt@icloud.com hardware joined.
19:39:29.517 TRACE - Hardware channel disconnect.

Hello. Do you have latest app and server?

yes. latest iphone app and server version 0.15.3

This log doesn’t show anything. Could you please provide more details. What do you mean by stopped? Some error? Did you change your network, etc.

my Client App is still running on it. On my iphone app i switch very often between two raspbarrys which are on two different network segments.

what info you still need?