Range conversion for Gauge widget

I am using the gauge widget to display the measurement of a battery.
My spark photon ADC returns a value between 0 and 4095. However the measures voltage is between 0 and 3.3V.
At the moment I didn’t find a way to use Gauge with decimals, so I kept the ADC value.
It could be great to add a range conversion in the gauge widget when you could select the final range (0-3.3 for me).

You could do that by mapping your data on MCU and then sending to virtual pin, or use built-in data mapping:

Hi Pavel, I didn’t know about this function. And I must say I needed few tries to understand hiwnit is working.
It’s great! It would be good to be able to show commas also, so the voltage would be easy to read. I bypassed this asking to display 3300 which I read as mV.