Quickstart device

I built a perfectly working project with legacy Blynk, I am disappointed to see the reduced selection of widgets for us poor tinkerers in this new version.

I successfully launched the Quickstart and noticed this “Congratulations” static image linked to virtual pin V3.

Can I re-assign another image to this virtual pin ? How ??

Thanks for any help with this.


Quickstart device is just an example of quick code. You can use another pin in sketch.
And change Blynk.setProperty for this pin.

Also you can use other code examples in https://examples.blynk.cc/


Thank you Oleksii.

I am (was) familiar with the setProperty as I used it a lot in my project to modify color, label etc… of slider, switch and segmented switch widgets based on user selections.

I should have mentioned that I am using the Free version of Blynk and not sure that this Web image widget is available to me. Is it ?

Can you point to a specific example as I could not find one from the link you sent me.

Thank you very much for your help with this.

Image Button and Web Page Image Button widgets in web platform are available with plus plan.

About widgets you can read:
app - Widgets (app) - Blynk Documentation
web - Widgets (Console) - Blynk Documentation

There are specific examples in the documentation